Examining New Tablet

Our Warranty Policy and your Deposit

Because We Care

We offer a warranty on each part individually based on the suppliers warranty. And the deposit is paid via PayPal so you know your money is safe. In todays world full of scams and people trying to take advantage of you, you can trust that Drazon has your back and that your money is safely yours until the product is on your doorstep and our 1 Year warranty an Free Lifetime support ensures that should any issues arrive we can work together to ensure the best outcome for you as a consumer, as ultimately this is the best end goal for both you and us.

Why do we need a deposit?

- A 10% deposit is necessary for us to begin ordering parts and any delay in this will lead to a delay in your PC's creation. This is because we need a guarantee that a customer wont back out at the last second having a massive negative effect on our company.